jueves, 18 de agosto de 2011

Webminario de ENVI

Para el próximo día 25 de agosto hay un nuevo webminario de ENVI, la verdad es que son muy recomendables y cómodos de seguir desde el sofa de casa. Ahí va la información con los enlaces por si alguien quiere apuntarse:

Impervious Surface Mapping
Please join us for this one hour webinar and learn how ENVI can be used to map and analyze impervious surfaces for federal, state, and local government applications.  Impervious surfaces, which include roofs, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots, are directly affected by water runoff quantities.  Runoff can lead to changes in flood modeling, vegetation cover, and taxation assessments.  Additionally, by mapping these impervious surfaces, changes in urban sprawl and building development can be detected.
In this presentation you will learn: 
  • How to use satellite imagery in ENVI to create vegetation maps.
  • How using ENVI’s feature extraction workflow can identify the characteristics of impervious surfaces, and how to extract them as a new feature layer.
  • How to conduct analytical change detections to assess urban growth and new building development.
  • How to incorporate impervious surface analyses into ArcGIS models for further study.
This webinar is suitable for all levels. Pre-registration is required.

This webinar will be offered at three different times. To register, please click on the hyperlink below for the time you prefer:
Thursday August 25, 2011

11 AM Singapore Time (UTC/GMT Offset +8 hours)

2 PM London Time (UTC/GMT Offset + 1 hour)

2 PM New York Time (UTC/GMT Offset - 4 hours)

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